Corporate Events

Experience the perfect activity for your corporate event - be it a summer party, a Christmas party or a company outing - in one of our Escape Rooms. Our gripping puzzles and captivating stories not only provide fun and entertainment, but also offer an excellent opportunity to promote teamwork and cooperation within your workforce.

An Escape Room is particularly recommended for corporate events because it supports communication, creative thinking and problem-solving skills in an entertaining way. Team members learn to use their personal skills and work collaboratively to find a solution. This improves the working environment and strengthens trust within the team.

Our Escape Rooms can currently accommodate up to 28 participants at a time. If your team consists of more than 28 people, you can easily organize two rounds in a row. This increases the maximum capacity to 56 participants and allows every employee to take part in this exciting and team-building adventure.

Explore the versatile themes of our Escape Rooms and enjoy unforgettable moments with your colleagues. Let yourself be inspired by the extraordinary atmosphere of our rooms and create shared experiences that will weld your team even closer together.

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