School classes

A visit to one of our Escape Rooms represents the ideal adventure for school classes to strengthen team spirit and cooperation. Our challenging puzzles and intriguing stories not only provide fun and entertainment, but also offer an excellent opportunity to expand students' creative skills, problem-solving abilities and communication.

An Escape Room has added educational value because it promotes various skills in an entertaining way and encourages students to work collaboratively on a solution. Cooperation in a team is the focus, because only by combining different talents and perspectives can the group be successful. This supports an understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of fellow students and contributes to the development of social skills.

Our Escape Rooms can currently accommodate up to 22 participants at a time. If your school class consists of more than 22 students, you can easily organize two rounds in a row. This way, the maximum capacity increases to 44 participants, so that every student can enjoy the exciting and educational adventure.

Only 20 € per student

Teachers free of charge

Rooms also available in English

Indoor & outdoor possibilities

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