The players cabin


Great! After a somewhat poor performance, the almighty manager has unceremoniously canceled your long-awaited team night - instead, you are supposed to brood over your poor performance, locked in the cabin, and hold a crisis meeting. Of course, he has done the math without you! You want to get out of the dressing room and go celebrate - but how the hell are you supposed to escape from the dressing room? You have 60 minutes to get to the party on time.

Info: As with all our rooms, you don't need any knowledge to solve the puzzles. Therefore, "Die Spielerkabine" is thematically and visually ideal for soccer fans - but also people who have nothing to do with soccer or Gladbach, will get their money's worth in the room through great puzzles and team tasks.

Please note that this room is only playable with at least four people.

Generation 1.0 Escape Room

Languages: German

Access to the room is not barrier-free!

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